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At Euclid Financial Services, we believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted — and that the retirement process should be simple and straightforward. Our team of professionals can help you create a flexible, well-thought-out strategy designed to help you address your financial needs and concerns.

Our Process

Using our G.P.S. Guided Planning System, we focus on four key pillars of retirement planning to help ensure long-term retirement success: Income planning, tax planning strategies, healthcare planning and legacy planning. Our five-step process consists of:

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  • Sit down with the team at Euclid Financial Services so we can get to know you and understand your future goals
  • Discuss your specific financial goals and how important each is to you
  • Assess whether we are a good fit for you


  • Discuss the issues we identified in the Discovery meeting and solutions to address them
  • Review the insurance options that could best help us accomplish your goals
  • Answer any additional questions you may have and build a blueprint
  • Develop an effective, long-term strategy designed to help get you to and through your entire retirement


  • Put your financial strategy in place
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork
  • Establish or transfer accounts


  • Sign off on your “Financial Plan”
  • Approve your accounts
  • Establish a follow-up meeting
  • Celebrate partnership with each other
  • Discuss the extra benefits of partnering with Euclid Financial Services


  • Review the progress and performance of your plan
  • Make adjustments to your plan, if needed
  • discuss upcoming events in your life, like Ready to be Ready, Retirement Vacation, Go-Go, Slow-Go, No-Go
  • Euclid Financial Services will address any additional questions or life changes
  • Update contact information, beneficiaries, assets and discuss others you would like to retire with
  • If needed join helpful clubs like Euclid Sewing Club, Retirement Factory Retirement Factory WordPlay Society, Gardening Club, and Food Drives

We can also refer you to professionals
who provide the following services:

Trusts | Probate | Charitable Giving | Estate Planning | Tax Planning | Wealth Management
Investments | IRA & 401(k) Rollovers | IRA Legacy Planning


Explore your Medicare coverage options that make sense for you. No obligations. Just solutions.

As an independent financial services firm, we work closely with several insurance carriers to create customized insurance solutions that fit your needs — not just our bottom line.

Whether you’re a new Medicare beneficiary or a longtime Medicare Supplement owner, we’re here to help you explore your plan options. As part of our commitment to creating you-focused strategies, we offer no-obligation supplemental insurance quotes; that means no hassle, and no pressure to apply.

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