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Euclid is an equal opportunity employer with a team of many professionals from different backgrounds who stand behind our mission: for our clients to enjoy their lives in retirement, rather than worry about their money. 

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Our departments in customer service, marketing, sales, executives and IT work together to help ensure the best experience for our clients. A day working in the Euclid office will include enjoying morning coffee with your co-workers, catching each other up on appointments and assignments, constant interactions and discussions with the company’s president, Josh Wells, as well as providing stellar customer service to our clients. Financial and retirement planning should be done with someone you trust, so relationship building is a huge part of what we do, whether it be with our clients, in the office, or in the greater community.


You can feel good about the work you do for Euclid. At the end of the day, our main goal is to help people by setting their finances up for retirement. But in terms of the bigger picture, we want to make the world a better place and change it for the better. We run our own charity group, the Euclid Sewing Club, which brings together people who love to sew and create, to make beautiful pieces that are then donated to charity organizations:

  • The sewing club has donated its works to Operation Stand Down Rhode Island and Holly Charity House, nonprofit organizations that serve and assist veterans.
  • For the Providence Animal Rescue League, the sewing club has made dog toys, and Euclid continues to work with them through donation drives.
  • The sewing club has also made blankets, pillows and other garments for children in need through charitable organizations such as the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families.

The nonprofits and charity groups that we work with vary depending on the time of year and the projects that we create. If you are interested in community outreach, becoming a member of the Euclid team will provide you opportunities to bring your ideas to the table.

  • At Euclid, paid time off accumulates on day one of employment.
  • Euclid offers health care packages to cover the cost of health insurance during your employment.
  • Employees at Euclid enjoy quarterly and annual bonuses if and when our goals are met at each quarter and the end of every year.
  • Euclid offers 401(k) investments to full-time qualified employees
  • At the end of the year, a percentage of company profits is distributed into each team member’s 401(k).
  • If the company meets all of its goals for the year, there is the possibility for a paid corporate vacation.
  • Euclid will finance any travel expenses necessary for any type of training an employee might undergo.
  • Not department driven; it is truly a team environment.
  • All the departments within the Euclid team work as one to achieve our goals.
  • By building off each other’s skill sets, no one job is more important than another.
  • Euclid emphasizes the importance of a non-intimidating learning environment.
  • Mentor/mentee relationships
  • Education on financial literacy in-depth knowledge of the world of finance.
  • As employees improve upon their roles in the office, there is absolutely room for growth as contributions become more valuable.
  • Fun work environment
  • Balance of team-based and individual projects to collaborate with co-workers and develop relationships
  • Junk Food Fridays
  • Friday Dinners and Cocktails

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Salaries at Euclid range from $15 an hour to $270,000 a year in all departments.

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