Our Story

The Story of Euclid Financial Services

Currently managing over $100 million in assets, Euclid Financial Services has been a fixture in New England’s financial sector for over 15 years now. Since our founding, our professionals have developed customized retirement plans and investment strategies for hundreds of retiring Euclidteers.

Today, we meet with over 3,000 people every year at our offices in East Providence, Rhode Island, but we come from humble beginnings: We began in 2003 with 150 clients, a basement and a dream.

Where We Come From

After spending some time working in estate & senior planning with several firms, Joshua Wells couldn’t help but feel like the financial sector remained the Old Boys’ Club it had always been—it seemed to him that only the wealthy were taken seriously as clients most of the time.  He believed that there had to be another way.  A different approach.

He believed that everyone deserved the opportunity to have the retirement that they wanted. In 2003, he chose to pursue that different approach from his basement with a co-founder.  Three years later, Josh bought the co-founder out to become the sole owner of Euclid Financial Services.

We entered the financial sector with the hope to meet as many needs as possible, for as many people as possible.  We served as a general practitioner of sorts in the beginning.  Over the past decade, we’ve chosen to refine and narrow our focus to better serve our community.

What would you want to happen to your money if it was in a vacuum?  How would you like your name to be remembered, beyond letters on the dotted line?

These are important questions, but believe it or not, only 10% of financial planners across the country focus on retirement or distribution planning. Extreme or exclusive retirement specialists like us only account for 1% of all firms nationwide.

We’ve specialized in comprehensive retirement planning since 2008.

Who We Are

Since our team comprises several qualified financial professionals, your options are never limited by a single perspective.  Our financial professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing years of unique experiences and qualifications with them.

You can get a taste of all three for yourself every weekend on our radio program, “The Retirement Factory,” which has been broadcasting retirement tips over public airspace since 2016.

Josh “Foreman” Wells was born to a large banking family in Indiana and saw the financial sector as both a natural choice and a calling. He learned from a young age to understand high finance and navigate complex planning problems.

Manny “The Money Man” Rezendes worked in sales after finishing high school.  He pursued a career in financial services after seeing his grandfather’s retirement plan break apart.  His grandfather had planned to travel the world after retiring, but after his wife passed away, that retirement became simply “OK.”

Robert “Brother Bob” Scullen is the latest addition to our team.  A former pilot with the United States Air Force, Bob entered financial services because he saw an opportunity to do something that would not only be of great interest to him but could help the people he worked with, as well.

Our experienced financial professionals are up-to-date on their National Social Security Advisor (NSSA), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Medicare certifications, among others.

We’ve made it our mission to cover anything that might need to be covered in retirement or during the retirement process, from ages 60 to 100.

What We Do: Retirement & You

When you’re sitting on a pier and looking out over the water, everything looks like a postcard.  It’s beautiful, perfect, simple.  When you finally stick your toes in the water, though, that water turns to quicksand.  It can drag you down.

That’s what retirement can be like without the proper preparations: deceptively overwhelming.  We’re here to help you make that transition as painlessly as possible.

We offer comprehensive planning services in four primary categories: income planning, tax planning, medical planning and legacy planning.

At Euclid Financial Services, we give you—the client—total control.  This is a partnership, not a one-sided conversation, and you have the final say.  As an independent fiduciary firm, we represent our clients and their interests, rather than those of any specific company.  From the moment you walk into our offices, our top priority is and will always be determining the best course of action for your individual situation.

No single strategy fits every set of circumstances, so our team of highly experienced professionals are licensed and accredited for all of your retirement planning needs.  When you meet with us for the first time, we’ll ask about three things: your fears, your goals and where we can fit into your plan.

We truly believe that even if you don’t do business with us, you will be in a better position just from walking through the door.

We want people to know that we’re here for you and that our purpose is to help you do what you want to do with your retirement, no matter what that is.

If you do become a client of ours, we’re going to be with you forever.

A Community of Growth: The Euclidteers

As soon as you’ve met our team, you’re one of us: another Euclidteer.

We only succeed when you do, which means our entire office celebrates your victories with you, and our work is far from finished when you settle upon a retirement date.

When the time comes to retire, it can be almost as intimidating as it is exciting.  Some retirees begin feeling lonely as they settle into their retirement and leave the weekly work routine behind.

Our goal is to help you to and through your entire retirement, and all of the changes that go with it.  That means our interest is for your total well-being, not just your financial standing. Our community is an integral part of everything we do here.

Some of our retirees have always dreamed of being on the radio.  Twice a year, including the holiday season, we bring together the Euclid Choir to record a selection of songs for a public radio broadcast.

For the more literarily-inclined, we organize a book club.  Every six months, Euclid Financial Services selects a common book and we invite our clientele to join us for the read-along.  Often, we find our clients interpret the reading in ways we never considered.  This sharing of perspectives and ideas we hadn’t been exposed to before is essential to our growth, both as individuals and as a firm.

Our sewing club came together three years ago. We learned that local homeless shelters were most in need of socks and winter wear, like hats and gloves. For the past three years, our sewing club has met weekly and undertaken additional projects benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project, Stand Down Rhode Island and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Whether it’s through the sewing club, walk-a-thons or the small food bank we stock for strikers and the homeless, every single member of our team volunteers at least three weekends out of the year to a charity.

Above all else, we want to ensure that anyone who needs a hand gets a hand.

Our story ends with a watch…

A tacky, gold watch, which our President & Founder, Josh Wells, was given by his grandmother.  She’d inherited the watch with her late husband’s belongings.  Josh’s grandpa received the watch as a gift after retiring from the mobile home factory where he worked for over 40 years.

When Josh’s grandpa retired, he received a pension.  He received Social Security.

For a long time, Josh believed that you moved in with your children after you retired and your spouse died—he thought that was how everyone retired.  As he grew older, he realized his grandmother moved in with her daughter because she couldn’t afford to live on her own any longer.

Grandpa did nothing wrong.  He had a pension.  He had Social Security.  When he was alive, everything was fine.

When he passed away, Grandma inherited both the pension and Social Security.  For a time, that was enough—until it wasn’t, and a shortfall meant she could no longer afford to live on her own.

That tacky, gold watch hasn’t worked in over 30 years, but Josh still wears it as a reminder of what we’re all about—a reminder that, with the proper planning, it’s possible to prevent retirees from having to move in with their children.

With the proper planning, it’s possible for retirees to have the retirement they’ve always dreamed of.

You’ve spent your whole life working hard and worrying about your money.

When the time comes to retire, it changes your world.

We want our clients to enjoy retired life.

Let us be by your side for this next step in your journey. Give us a call today.


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